Weighs in on Location

For investors in commercial real estate, selecting the perfect property is a challenging prospect that demands great attention and care. A number of different factors have an impact on the final decision, says real estate advisor C. Frederick Wehba. One of the most important decisions afforded in a person’s life is the opportunity to buy a home. C. Frederick Wehba has built a real estate empire by offering intelligent advice about this complex process. Here, he offers a few insights into how the current market is affecting the purchasing and leasing plans of investors across the country.

  • A safe community means residents are comfortable in their surroundings and connect with their neighbors on a more frequent basis, says C. Frederick Wehba. Most people prefer to live in a region with little crime activity.
  • In major cities, residents enjoy living close to mass transit. Being near a bus or train can allow access to numerous shops, restaurants and other attractions in the area that may be difficult to reach otherwise.
  • Buyers have become more willing to complete a home purchase that offers a variety of luxury features, reports C. Frederick Wehba. During the recent economic recession, people were more conservative when allocating money to upgrades and improvements.
  • Other factors in the purchaser’s decision include recreational facilities, churches, schools, and public transportation.

Homeowners can add a bathroom, remodel a kitchen, or change just about anything in the property with a paintbrush and a few tools. Location is a constant, though. In an intensely competitive environment for home sellers and buyers, it can be a challenge to determine which real estate properties are the best. With so many real estate matters to keep in mind, C. Frederick Wehba advises today’s home sellers and buyers to work directly with a proven professional before making a final decision.