Regulation and legalization of online casinos

Legalization of online gambling remains an important issue. States are increasingly trying not to prohibit, but to effectively regulate the sphere of online casinos. This conclusion was reached in the United States where, after the introduction of the UIGEA Act prohibiting most gambling activities, it was noted that such policy has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts and thousands of jobs lost. As a result, additional steps to regulate the issue have legalized online gambling in several states and it is now available in Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The European Union long ago came to the conclusion that gambling was an effective source of filling the budget and in 2005 the UK set an example for other countries in steps to legalize gaming. Later, Denmark, France and other European states joined in. If you want access to modern casinos such as gaming club casino flash, first visit

Gambling addiction

The problem of wide spread of gambling addiction due to popularization of online gambling is of concern in many countries of the world where a system of measures to fight this addiction among population is being implemented. One of the effective ways to prevent and combat the addiction was a system of self-exclusion, through which customers of online casinos can exclude themselves from the list of players. Such a possibility exists in the networks of the UK, Malta and Italy. There this unified system is mandatory for all licensed operators. 

Other factors

Online casinos have become more accessible with the advent of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. For some people, gambling has become an integral part of their lives. Now there is no need to connect your device to the internet through a cable. You can play almost anywhere (in transport, cafes, parks, at home). Particular attention is paid to safety. It is best to play at home, because in this case you can guarantee the safety of winnings.

Playing at the online casino saves a certain amount of money to the player by reducing costs. He does not need to spend money on travel to the real establishment. It is much more comfortable to play at home, lying on your comfortable couch. If you think about it, the number of players at online casinos is not that important, since the main task of such institutions is to eliminate the accumulated stress and provide people with the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Verification at online casinos

A fairly common additional condition is a selfie with a document you are holding in your hand. Or it can be a request for selfies with a specific caption on a piece of paper, which is more of a rarity than a necessity. Proof of address often involves providing a utility receipt. Also, casinos sometimes require verification of the deposit/withdrawal method. Suppose you use a bank card. In this case, you need to send a photo of its front and back. It is worth taking care to hide (paint) CVV code on the card. Administration, including the series and number of the passport and the full number of the payment card (should be visible only the first and last four digits). Very rare rules of online casinos provide verification via Skype, but in reality with this faced with units.

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